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We offers a range of high-security storage services for both domestic and international clients.  We also provide an end-to-end bullion purchasing service. 

Finch Vault Securities is a privately owned company and is independent of the banking sector and government.  Finch Vault is a continuation of the vault business first established by Finch Insurance Holdings and has been providing Londoners and the world with safety deposit services since 1971. 

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Finch Vault is committed to providing high quality services to suit your every depository requirement.



Our service is unique because the client retains control of access to their bullion. An independent auditor only act on their instructions.



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In recent times we have developed a service for our overseas-based clients. This service allows clients living in and outside of England to remotely open an account with us to store their bullion in either a safety deposit box or in a safe within our bullion depository.

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Our international service extends to the purchasing of reserves, gold, silver or platinum bullion and transportation to our vault. Purchasing bullion through England Vault is a simple online process, and through our global bullion supplier relationship, we are able to offer highly competitive rates for the finest quality products.


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